Freelancer Smart Contract Architecture


There are three main components in Bigbom Freelancer App: BBFreelancerBid.sol, BBFreelancerJob.sol, BBFreelancerPayment.sol

BBFreelancerJob.sol: manage job information

BBFreelancerBid.sol: manage biding

BBFreelancerPayment.sol: manage payment

High-level Overview

BBOFreelancer Dapp allows the hirer to post the job, they will automatically begin to receive bids from the freelancers. They can choose the best freelancer & success work.

Freelancer High-level Overview

Detailed Hirer Flow

  • Post a job
  • Choose the perfect freelancer
  • Pay & success

Detailed Freelancer Flow

  • Find a job
  • Make your best bid
  • Get awarded and earn


Freelancer Stack


BBFreelancer always has proxy contract over each contract to make the contract upgradeability. They are has Admin permision is allowed to write to BBStorage contract